And As She Opens Her Eyes...

This is what she sees.

I'm glad it is all sorted. there shouldn't be any more drama.. it seems too good to be true so i'm naturally doubtful that it will always be drama free, but i don't mean with us, i know that can't always be smooth but it will be better. i mean with them. with her in particular. she's back to thinking about Jamie again.. and yet only last night was going on and on about whom she liked. no. i don't think it will be alright for long on her end.. but i think it will pass. that is something i'm sure of. she will get better.

I still have your heart, and i have kept it safe dear, and i don't feel like giving it up any time soon :) x

I will take you to your colourful place for the day, and i will help keep it peaceful while we are there. it is all we need right now.

I will steal you, both mentally and physically. you will be completely mine, and i completely yours, for as long as you wish.

Me too Romeo, the warm flutters are indeed back. and i've missed them. what has brought them back is the thought you still want me, after what i did to you, you still wish for me as i wish for you. it near killed me the first time around, for them to leave. they remind me i have a heart. but now i know they'll always be there for as long as you are too x

You will give me company, and i will give you mine. one day. soon maybe. from now, until then.

I don't think i will stay for the rest of the year.. but if i don't, i will start earning money, save up and move out. how much easier it would be for us to see each other then. oh it would be so much better.

I do love you Romeo. with everything i have. and i will wait for you. no matter how impatient others become; i will wait. until your head and heart have had time to clear. and if, after they clear, whom you see is not me, i will not make a fuss, complain, scream, as long as you still remain in my life as my close friend.

If only xx


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