And As She Opens Her Eyes...

This is what she sees.

I have a feeling ive been forgotten. not that its a new feeling, im quite used to it. but to be forgotten by those whom where a big part of my life not 8 months ago does pain me.

Ive always found myself texting, talking, organizing whom i will and will not be seeing, little effort, if any is ever made for me.

Bah. I feel good. Ive stopped thinking of people i couldn't only a month ago. or at least only think of them a little.

My aunt is in a bad way. it turns my stomach to think about it.. but i cant help it. we're all worried.

Mother is having trouble with my nephews mother, shes starting shit, blaming it on my immediate and not so immediate family and is now threatening mother that she wont see her grandson ever again and that she's going to bring the police in on it. My mother is in ruins. her and my brother are going to go find a lawyer and find some way to help him. Hes always sick, and we only ever got to see him when his mother wanted to go out and drink herself silly and go through her drugs. now to make it worse, my cousin is with her and shes trying to say that he is the father, not my brother, even though she will not agree to a dna test.

Stupid woman.

Ok. Ive vented.


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