And As She Opens Her Eyes...

This is what she sees.

"I saw a liquid control
That gives life to a soul
I hit my head on it and woke up to know
That I was all alone
Wearing just socks and a phone
Someone's screaming like their world might explode"

Not feeling my best. And i know im late with my posts. Ill get better.

Catch up dot points on current happenings anyone?

- still no job
- still haven't moved out
- still haven't dropped school
- wanting to do a gap year in the defense force next year but thinking ill just forget that and join full time. i think i need the break and someone else to decide on everything for me
- broke up with my girlfriend. silly thing is, i knew i shouldn't trust her ha, not after what she did to me, to my family, and yet i did it anyway.. stupid stupid girl i am.
- school reports are being written this week.. i need to get alot of work in.
- new kitten. im half hearted towards it.. because its replacing my cat and her kitten and adopted kitten that died a few months back. that and my mother and brother have joint custody of it, even though its replacing my cats. im a jealous one aren't i?
- new friends
- finding old friends
- trouble up in my neighbourhood with some over confident teenagers. a broken back car window, roughed up father, cop calls and alot of unneeded stress later, still nothing can be done yet

really liking the song Map of Your Head by Muse at this point in time, a friend at school was singing to herself, i asked her to sing louder because she has a lovely voice (and secretly it was making me feel so much better) and she was singing this song. wonderful x

Bear (new kitten) is sitting on my lap watching my fingers as i type and hiding her intentions behind her purrs.. im going to get clawed in a second ha

mmm im going to have a week of silence. not going to text facebook message or msn and such.. but i thought, seening my blog isn't directed at anyone, i could still use that. i will talk to people face to face if needed, i have school of course, but other than that, no. oh and im still writing my letters but wont send them until after my week. see how that goes yes? hoping it makes me feel better, less crowded

best go,

always love,


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