And As She Opens Her Eyes...

This is what she sees.

I admit it, I am lonely.

I've noticed myself longing after happy, cuddling, laughing couples and knowing that, if i allowed myself, i could be one of a pair that others long after.

I've caught myself reaching out in bed, looking for the second to my nothing, the body heat of another and, realizing that one such is not there, curling up and falling asleep hugging myself.

I cry, more so now than ever, for the feeling that another could bring, and sometimes not even registering that this is why i am crying.

I hold her hand without her knowing its not just for the sake shes my close friend but for the need of having another hand there.

The simple touch of skin, an accidental slip of a hand when passing something back and forth at work, almost purposefully getting as close as possible to someone.. I feel i need it.

I feel like no one sees me anymore. No one goes out of their way to talk to me, and this blog seems too ordinary now. So what to do?

I don't think there is anything i can do.


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