And As She Opens Her Eyes...

This is what she sees.

Lets see you fix this?

I am not fixable, i am not something to put back together. To cover in glue and band-aids and have someone "kiss it better".. that shit hasn't worked since i was 8.

My life is shit. Many people's lives' are shit. Nothing new. Ive lived with it long enough. we get used to it. i may not be fine with it ending like this, but i am man enough to know that even if i still care, still love what once was and could have been, i will not keep torturing myself, my heart.

It's funny how, in the end you start thinking of the beginning.

Many many things have ended in the last 3 years, and even one of these things would have killed a weaker person.. but im still here. and there must be a reason for that. im not trying to pretend that im strong, and i know just how strong some can be, but im the lowest of low and ive gotten through this on luck and love. the luck more so.

The love on the other hand is all i hold on to right now. a love that is denied me, a love that ignores me.. a love that would spit in my face if i ever let her close enough.

And the pathetic thing? ... I'm still here. Still waiting. Still hoping. Still loving. But i have a dreadful feeling if the opportunity ever did arise.. It'd cause more pain than joy.

My love is still there. I'm the sort of girl that can't let anything go. And i will always be like that. Like this. Im here. You're there. You're in love, and so am i. But the most significant difference? Simple. I see you. And you'll never see me.


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