And As She Opens Her Eyes...

This is what she sees.

Why didn't you ever ask for your key back? I had discussed it with her, but she decided that it was your gift and i should return it when you asked for it.

I doubt you could have forgotten it completely, it used to be on your bag, and then in your bag. So it was there..

"How wonderful life is, now you're in the world."

Been watching Moulin Rouge lately, which has reminded me of him, whom is doing a good job in making sure he doesn't slip my mind again. I believe im the only one at work that knows him well, and doesn't have to drink with him to get there. But i still get protective, especially of those that try and pick at him when his back is turned. I wonder why that is.

Im not one to be looking for a relationship, but i am amazed by the women around me most of the week.

I had a good friend walk towards me at work, she saw me but i was out of it again. I simply saw her bright hair and felt her hand on my stomach before she'd continued on into the store. Im not entirely sure why but it kept me smiling and happy throughout the night, and i still smile just thinking back. Maybe its the feeling of not being forgotten, or the feeling of her hand. Maybe its the simple gratitude of that one moment of touch, the memories it brought back, the feelings, just to know im still here, and no matter her life now, there was once a moment when she fully enjoyed my company and me.

The girls at work go out of their way to help me, teach me. It lightens my heart, to still be able to make friends of such meaning, and the kind that dont need anything in return but never turn down help back either.

Its a pure, innocent thing where we all have each others back.

I had a dream that i watched my most adored there get hit by a man twice the size of her while walking towards the noise she must have heard too. they were threatening her more and more while she lay sprawled on the ground, i had just got there when he was advancing again, with three more men of his size behind him. i stood between her and them making sure they couldn't get past, not doing anything. so instead i got the physical abuse, by the end of it, and with her screaming behind me, i had a broken nose, cracked jaw bone, broken arm, broken ribs and more blood covering me than i thought possible to have inside my body.

And i guess they got bored because the next thing i had a knife in my gut, and he was pulling it upwards and twisting it this way and that, laughing over my screams and her pleads.

But they went. and as she tried to lead me to the front of the store, i collapsed, only to be caught by someone i find myself speechless around. She carried me to the front, not caring for the blood i was covering her in. Her voice i heard as i slipped in and out. Not the girl i was protecting.



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